So Cal Home Buyers is one of the leading real estate, home buying investment companies located in Southern California and is run by two of the most prestige investors in the area: Doug & Andrea Van Soest. They make it their goal to go out of their way to provide a free service that their clients and customers absolute love.

Each client is treated on an individual basis and thoroughly assisted through the home selling process. Doug & Andreas team are skilled in customer service and to this day have not had a single complaint regarding their exceptional work and business ethic.

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Property Management Business Opportunities for At Home Guitar Players

at home guitar playerThere are plenty of folks that are excellent guitar players and have finally come to a point where they have the time to dedicate to teaching others what they know. Some have the desire to begin educating others at playing the guitar and would like to find an outlet for them to do so.

However, since business in Music is hard to come by, and music teachers don’t make a whole lot (depending on their clientele) there are much more practical ventures, that at home musicians can get into, to further fund their love and passion for music education, like residential property investing, which right now, is a very lucrative business and might be a suitable alternative for at home musicians like guitar players, to look into as a business model.

Residential property Investing is a business where you invest in real estate that seeks out a long term profit either based on what you charge for rent, or what you’re able to flip your investment for.

Right now, in our down market and economy this business is booming because many people are looking to sell their houses and the housing market is taking months for certain homes to sell. So property owners are seeking alternative methods for selling their properties and many investors are buying these properties up like hot cakes.

What You Don’t Want to Get Into


It’s a much better alternative to Real Estate Property Management which implies that you as the Manager, will be looking after the property of an individual or a firm and maintaining it for them. The grounds for this are usually based on a monthly fee you earn for the normal upkeep of their property.This implies (however not limited to) cleaning, seeking occupants, repair & support services (like replacing light bulbs or outlets), draining and washing the pool, normal upkeep of the air-conditioning, maintaining the yards (cutting, watering, and so on) and numerous various other tasks that could be clearly needed by the proprietor.

The Practical Alternative


If you’re already thinking this sounds like a crap load of work – well don’t get me wrong it is. It will take learning a whole new business model whether you decide to get into investor or real estate management. Management is usually best done when you have a team of people that you can outsource the work to and isn’t done primarily by yourself.

If you’re an at home musician and are seeking something less tedious, more practical and something that revolves more around your passion which is music, then the best situation is to simply start a website like this one: and start putting your training materials on there.

This gives you a perfect way to interact with people from all around the world, lets more people discover your musical talents and abilities and allows you teach people from all over the world.

If Building Websites Are too Much…

If site building and driving traffic to it are too much and real estate investing sounds like something you might be interested in, just know that you do not need a huge financial investment to get started. You could, from the beginning, start on your own by partnering up with another investor and splitting the profit with them for your own efforts to obtain new clients.

If you have any particular people skills, marketing or salesman skills, investors who do not would have no trouble partnering up with someone who has the ability to generate more business for them. This will not only put you in a position to learn the trade, but to also make a decent profit from every client obtained during the process of acquiring these properties.

As you scale your business, it’s also possible to look into Managing hotels and resorts, vacation parks, and so on. This will only usually be possible once you’ve developed a name for yourself in the business and as I said above, would be more likely to do if you had a much larger workforce, capable of tackling bigger projects like these. You can get more information on how some of these Managment companies work by checking out this link here:

But once you acquire a large enough work force then you would easily be able to approach larger businesses and build a bigger clientele. Generally proprietors have an interest in the cost which most of the times is figured out each month. This indicates that when you approach them you need to be prepared with an in-depth quote which has the rate and all its aspects outlined for them to easily glance over and know within an instant if doing business with you will be worth it.

Consistently leave room for settlements due to the fact that a few of the customers may not require a few of your employed support services, yet could call for various other ones you may not offer.

Again I know this is a lot of work and will take time to learn a whole new business model so if this really isn’t something that sounds too appealing check out to get an idea of what you could do if you built your own music website to help others learn how to play guitar for example.

Because there’s no doubt about it that residential property administration is a hell of a task.

This type of business can pay well though. Home administration agreements and investments can be maintained for several years and this is where the real potential for earnings come into play.

But again I highly encourage you to consider your options if this doesn’t sound appealing to you, because making a simple beginner site like this one: can keep you in the music business and give you the flexibility and freedom to reach and teach a much wider audience of new musicians who are looking for the best of the best, and the right people to train them. That could be you if you decide to start your own site and help others learn what you already know.

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Selling Your House When You Don’t Want to Use a Real Estate Agent

selling your house yourselfMost of the “We Buy Houses” signs that you have probably seen around your city generally belong to independent “Real Estate Investors“.


Doug Van Soest & Wife Andrea

In today’s recessed economy, a big portion of home owners are having a hard time keeping up with the market to bring in potential buyers.

When homeowners need to sell their home fast, many people often rely on Realtors which requires agents, fee’s and commissions. Not a very promising prospect for those who just need to sell their house and get paid.

If dealing with the real estate market is not what you’re interested in, and you’d actually prefer to just sell your house fast, then real estate investors is really the way to go. If you’re in the southern California area check out: for one of my most recommended real estate investors in the area, Doug Van Soest. He is probably the best in his field and most reliable in every aspect of the business.

Now, before you start calling the numbers you see on the signs on the sides of the freeway it’s always BEST to make sure the investors are credible and have a history of doing good business with others. Finding this information out is generally pretty easy with just a simple google search. Whatever their business name is do a google search for it and check to see if they have a website, if it looks credible, if they have any current reviews, etc. Make an informed decision as to whether or not this is a business you can see yourself working with.You can check out Doug & Andrea’s work on their Google Plus page here:

There are a lot of people who prey on the unwitting and low-ball people on their offers and give them only a fraction of what their property is actually worth. And without knowledge of what your current neighborhood value is worth this can be easy to slip by you.

Thanks to the internet, it can be very easy to spot those who do not have your best interest at heart and those who run credible, reliable businesses aimed at helping you get the most bang for your buck.

The Attorney General’s office manages customer complaints so it should be easy for you to find out whether certain “businesses” are a waste of time. It’s important to know that real estate agents and brokers are generally certified with the Real Estate Commission so you’ll know when you find a reliable company. If they aren’t, even though they may look credible, move on.

To find any of the sources above by means of the Internet, type in your state plus the name of the company, e. g; California Realty Commission into a google search. These companies can help to ensure you are working with an credited, genuine, complaint-free business or investor.

I work with many individuals who like to work in the Southern California area when they buy houses. Almost everyone of these businesses have heard of the stories people go through when they get scammed. And not one of these businesses have poor business practices. Each are credible and have dozens of legitimate customer testimonials to back up their business. As I already mentioned, Doug Van Soest is my go to guy whenever I know of someone who needs to sell a house in the southern california area. And since he’s right by San Diego, if you happen to be in that area too you can get an instant, no obligation, cash offer quote from him directly, here:

As a credible real estate investor, they are used to people calling them on a daily basis to purchase their home and work with them one on one to provide the best service possible.

But the truth of the matter is that if you haven’t been keeping up with payments on your home, it’s in foreclosure, or it’s just run-down..they will STILL buy your property!


Pretty cool huh?

Selling your house to a real estate investor just may be the best way to go in our declining economy. Investors are experienced and know how to handle the process at a much faster and more convenient rate than a traditional real estate agent would. Where real estate “agents” can take any where from 3 to 6 months to sell a property, an investor can buy yours in a day and have it close within 30 days and giving you ALL the money without you having to pay any additional fees.

So if you have a property you own that you just need to get rid of and want to get the best value for your house, start researching the local areas for investors who are willing to work with you one on one to get you the best possible offer. And if you just want to get started now, make sure to visit to learn more about the process:

Even if you’re not a resident of the So Cal area

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Should You Sell Your House to a Real Estate Investor After a Divorce With Your Ex?

Selling Your House after a DivorceNumerous households in the U.S., are dealing with an amazing amount of stress related to the current status with the housing market and economic climate. This stress can make its way into the very fabric that holds a family together and can eventually lead to a breakup.

While some breakups can be pleasant, the sad fact of that matter is that most aren’t. And when a couple owns a house together it can make the situation even more difficult and complicated.

This is why it’s important to understand what options you have should you find yourself in a similar situation.

Undergoing a separation and all its pressure is challenging enough.

Experiencing a divorce and attempting to split marital properties is where the situation will become even more complicated.

It’s one thing to split furnishings and vehicles but an entirely different matter when concerning the actual household.

For example, a 2000 sq ft home on Oahu worth over $400,000 needing to be be split down the middle isn’t a simple matter.

Oftentimes, both parties will want to keep the house. Sometimes one wants to keep it while the other wants to sell. This makes the situation very distressing especially when the person who wants to keep it is unable to maintain it. But you could always use a We Buy Houses company without having to worry about selling the property using a real estate agent in the first place.

Quite during the divorce process, the administering Judge orders your house to be sold and properties to be split between the two parties.

In this situation, the majority of couples simply wish it to be over when possible. As they start brand-new phases in their lives, the last thing they need and want is the emotional add-on to a home they used to call “home”  following them around into the future.

Many simply want to move on.

Of course, there are lots of separations where one spouse remains in our home for the short or long-term, generally at some monetary payment for the departing partner, particularly if both names were on the home mortgage.

If a sale of the asset is selected (or ordered), then you will be required to decide the method of making the sell.

So exactly what will you do with that good 3br/2ba  home?

Will you list it with a real estate professional or real estate investor?

If you do this, it could end up sitting on the market for months without any hits on it.

An additional choice, and typically the much better one, is to find a reliable and trusted real estate investor who can and wants to buy your home from you, and give you an honest and fair offer.

This way you get your house sold in HALF the time and get a nice chunk of change from the sale.

An investor will pay full cash and could likely seal the deal in 30 days or much less.

Depending on who you go with you may have to drop the price significantly since the investor will need to make a profit, the prime benefits are threefold.

One, you will be saving months of extra home mortgage repayments.

A real estate investor will certainly often come unrepresented, suggesting that you as the homeowner could save that 6 % of compensation charges that you would or else have to pay if you listed it with a realtor (this can be tens of hundreds of bucks back in your pockets).

And 3, you’ll lastly manage to clean your hands of some heartache very quickly. The investor could additionally collaborate with your breakup attorney(s) to alleviate the whole sale process when you could just learn how to sell your house fast

If the mortgage on the property is upside down, suggesting the balance on the loan is higher than the existing home market price, or a repossession is looming, then you can still speak to an investor with a short sale counter. They also will have no passion at all in overpricing your home on the MLS since they are not paid on compensation.

At the end of the day, you’re still most likely to come out ahead with the removal of the home from your divorce case and your lives and still leave with a decent amount of cash for the property after it sells.

I know while it may seem difficult, just know that you are not the only one in going through this situation. A lot of family members around America are asking the very same question – since I’m experiencing with divorce, this is really what I recommend doing.

While one of you may wind up staying in the residential property at compensation to the other, you might as an alternative find that selling your home to an expert real estate investor will give you closure much quicker.

While the price will normally be less than market price and will certainly depend upon any kind of impressive home loan or lien amounts, problem and the equity in your house, you still may be able to capture a nice earnings at the end of the day.

You’ll additionally be saving months of home loan payments due to the fact that the investor will intend to close as soon as possible – usually within 30 days.

This is usually the very best situation as it permits the quickest sale of your property and alleviation of the emotional worry. And with a divorce being tough as it is, isn’t that really that what you’re actually looking for? Closure? And if what you really want is to just figure out how to get your ex back, without having to sell your house, then make sure to check out sell my house fast for cash 

Now in some cases, usually not most, if a reconciliation can be made between both parties you can end up working things out, getting back together and keeping the house. This is often easier said than done since the issues that brought about the breakup in the first place are too troublesome to overcome. There is however a relationship expert that can teach you how to do this named Michael Fiore.

Mike has a program specifically designed to help fix broken relationships called “Text Your Ex Back”. It’s a well known program that has helped thousands of people all over the world. If this is something you’d like to consider I highly recommend you check out Ryan Hart’s review of the program here: Michael Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back 2.0 Review

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