Property Management Business Opportunities for At Home Guitar Players

at home guitar playerThere are plenty of folks that are excellent guitar players and have finally come to a point where they have the time to dedicate to teaching others what they know. Some have the desire to begin educating others at playing the guitar and would like to find an outlet for them to do so.

However, since business in Music is hard to come by, and music teachers don’t make a whole lot (depending on their clientele) there are much more practical ventures, that at home musicians can get into, to further fund their love and passion for music education, like residential property investing, which right now, is a very lucrative business and might be a suitable alternative for at home musicians like guitar players, to look into as a business model.

Residential property Investing is a business where you invest in real estate that seeks out a long term profit either based on what you charge for rent, or what you’re able to flip your investment for.

Right now, in our down market and economy this business is booming because many people are looking to sell their houses and the housing market is taking months for certain homes to sell. So property owners are seeking alternative methods for selling their properties and many investors are buying these properties up like hot cakes.

What You Don’t Want to Get Into

It’s a much better alternative to Real Estate Property Management which implies that you as the Manager, will be looking after the property of an individual or a firm and maintaining it for them. The grounds for this are usually based on a monthly fee you earn for the normal upkeep of their property.This implies (however not limited to) cleaning, seeking occupants, repair & support services (like replacing light bulbs or outlets), draining and washing the pool, normal upkeep of the air-conditioning, maintaining the yards (cutting, watering, and so on) and numerous various other tasks that could be clearly needed by the proprietor.

The Practical Alternative

building-your-own-siteIf you’re already thinking this sounds like a crap load of work – well don’t get me wrong it is. It will take learning a whole new business model whether you decide to get into investor or real estate management. Management is usually best done when you have a team of people that you can outsource the work to and isn’t done primarily by yourself.

If you’re an at home musician and are seeking something less tedious, more practical and something that revolves more around your passion which is music, then the best situation is to simply start a website like this one: and start putting your training materials on there.

This gives you a perfect way to interact with people from all around the world, lets more people discover your musical talents and abilities and allows you teach people from all over the world.

If Building Websites Are too Much…

If site building and driving traffic to it are too much and real estate investing sounds like something you might be interested in, just know that you do not need a huge financial investment to get started. You could, from the beginning, start on your own by partnering up with another investor and splitting the profit with them for your own efforts to obtain new clients.

If you have any particular people skills, marketing or salesman skills, investors who do not would have no trouble partnering up with someone who has the ability to generate more business for them. This will not only put you in a position to learn the trade, but to also make a decent profit from every client obtained during the process of acquiring these properties.

As you scale your business, it’s also possible to look into Managing hotels and resorts, vacation parks, and so on. This will only usually be possible once you’ve developed a name for yourself in the business and as I said above, would be more likely to do if you had a much larger workforce, capable of tackling bigger projects like these. You can get more information on how some of these Managment companies work by checking out this link here:

But once you acquire a large enough work force then you would easily be able to approach larger businesses and build a bigger clientele. Generally proprietors have an interest in the cost which most of the times is figured out each month. This indicates that when you approach them you need to be prepared with an in-depth quote which has the rate and all its aspects outlined for them to easily glance over and know within an instant if doing business with you will be worth it.

Consistently leave room for settlements due to the fact that a few of the customers may not require a few of your employed support services, yet could call for various other ones you may not offer.

Again I know this is a lot of work and will take time to learn a whole new business model so if this really isn’t something that sounds too appealing check out to get an idea of what you could do if you built your own music website to help others learn how to play guitar for example.

Because there’s no doubt about it that residential property administration is a hell of a task.

This type of business can pay well though. Home administration agreements and investments can be maintained for several years and this is where the real potential for earnings come into play.

But again I highly encourage you to consider your options if this doesn’t sound appealing to you, because making a simple beginner site like this one: can keep you in the music business and give you the flexibility and freedom to reach and teach a much wider audience of new musicians who are looking for the best of the best, and the right people to train them. That could be you if you decide to start your own site and help others learn what you already know.